План урока: Writing a campaign letter

Темиргалиева Гулдана Ермековна

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Short term plan

Lesson: Writing a campaign letter    Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (PMD Almaty)
Date: Teacher name: Temirgaliyeva G.
Grade: 8Number present:Absent:
Professional development:
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to 8.UE7 use a variety of simple perfect forms to express recent, indefinite and unfinished past on a range of familiar general and curricular topics
Lesson objectives  All learners will be able to: explain the parts of a campaign letter and why they are necessary.analyze campaign letters.write and deliver a persuasive campaign letter
Value linksAbility to effectively work in teams and individually: doing classroom activities through different interactions (individually, in pairs and in groups)
Cross curricular linksGeography, History
ICT skillsInteractive board, laptop (PC) to present the material
Previous learningGeographical features
Anticipated problemsAccording to the students’ needs and pace of the lesson, teacher can make any appropriate changes during the class.
Planned timingsPlanned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)Resources
Beginning    10 min     15 min  Warm-up Interesting facts about geographical features of the world. Sts play a game that will spark off their interest in the lesson.   Lead-in Pre-writing Distribute Handout 1 to Ss and ask them to answer the following questions while reading a campaign letter. Do not tell them that this is a campaign letter. After they have discussed the questions in pairs, then as a whole class, show them the types of letters to choose.  https://www.baamboozle.com/game/151939   Handout 1 Slides 1-2      
Middle  15 min                             35 min         End 5 min        T tells Ss what a campaign letter is.   — A letter-writing campaign is where you write to a mayor, the city council, or a state representative. — You write about an issue or problem. You are trying to persuade or influence them to do whatever you want them to do. Before asking people to write letters, you should decide:
Who will the letters be sent to? Make sure this person has the power to make the decision you are asking for.What action do you want the decision-maker to take?   T explains the structure of a campaign letter to Ss and provides with tips.     While-writing Students write a campaign letter using vocabulary and useful phrases.   Post-writing. Ss share their thoughts about the type of writing they had (challenging and easy aspects of writing)   Reflection: Why is a campaign letter necessary?  
 Slides 3-5                     Slides 6-10 Handout 1       Copybooks            Slide 11      

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